45-minute skills webinars for time-crunched people managers everywhere.

Leadership-on-the-Go® is our 12-session leadership webinar series for leaders at any level who are managing others. In just 45 minutes in our highly interactive sessions, your leaders can keep their skills sharp with 12 critical management topics, each with practical, useful, and actionable ways to deal with those tough everyday people management challenges.

The program’s delivery via live webinar enables your leaders to participate from anywhere in the world. The 12 content areas, built around the management issues that leaders face daily, give your leaders the tools and techniques that foster motivation in others. In this series, your leaders can expect to hone the skills that will help them bring about the best results their people are capable of delivering.

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  1. Be the Leader Others Line Up to Follow
  2. People, Positions, Performance: Think Like a Strategist
  3. Manage Smarter, Not Harder, with the Right Conversation
  4. Keep Your A-Players Fully Engaged
  5. Ensure ALL Your Players Deliver the Goods
  6. Let Go of Control and Still Get Results
  7. Fix Performance Issues before They Spiral
  8. Take a Cool Approach to Heated Conversations
  9. Make Personality Differences an Asset, Not a Problem
  10. Get What You Expect, and More, from Your Team
  11. Spot Team Dysfunction before It Kills Your Output
  12. Change is Constant, Manage It with Certainty

What’s Included

  1. Online Leadership Strengths Inventory (LSI) self-assessment
  2. Personality Preference self-assessment
  3. Master Leadership Plan
  4. An individual session early in the program to discuss the assessments and leadership plan, and a second session mid-way in the program
  5. 12 live interactive video-enabled webinars, recorded, and available same day for those who miss a session or want to take a quick review. Series materials and recordings for all previous sessions are online 24/7
  6. 12 Action Guides with expanded main points from each webinar, templates of the models presented in each session, and worksheets with guidance for applying the learning to work situations
  7. Learning Guides with specific application examples
  8. Guide for Peer-to-Peer Consulting for mutual support between webinar sessions
  9. Optional Xpress Coaching that may be added in 2, 4, or 6-hour packages
  10. 2 year post-program website access


Webinars may be run on a schedule that suits your leaders’ needs. We recommend every other week to allow time between each session for peer groups to connect on the topics and for your leaders to put the learning into practice. Webinars are slotted to start 5 minutes past the hour and end at 10 minutes before the next hour. This timing gives your leaders 5 minutes on the front end to get to the webinar from a previous meeting, and 10 minutes on the back end for a breather before their next meeting begins.

On-site Training:  Leadership-on-the-Go may be conducted as a 2-day intensive or in 4 half-day increments to allow application in between.

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