Clients & Testimonials

LeaderXpress clients are global and industry-leading organizations in high tech, biotech, healthcare, financial services, and higher education.


LeaderXpress clients include:

Align Technology
Applied Materials
Kaiser Permanente
Lam Research
McKinsey and Company
National Jewish Health
Rubicon Project
Stanford University
UC Berkeley
UC Santa Cruz
UC Davis
UC San Francisco
Vibrant Media
View, Inc.



The course materials and coaches with LeaderXpress are the highest caliber I have ever seen in professional leadership development. I have sponsored 40 managers through the leadership program and another 80 senior staff in additional programs LeaderXpress offers. I have yet to have anyone come back and say it wasn't a tremendous value add for them in their role and in their career.

—Sue Flautt
, Managing Director, QOS, Kaiser Permanente

The best on-line training class I have taken! I found it interactive, relevant, and convenient. I highly recommend it.

—Mark Pellowski
, SVP Finance, Informatica

What great tools I now have to use in influencing! The short video clips for each topic, case studies and articles, and the WebEx meetings with breakouts all contributed to a higher level of learning. It was one of the best programs I have been through.

—Cindy Olsen
, Chief People Officer, Rubicon Project

I can only tell you that your programs, for myself and for many of my key team members, have been life-changing in many aspects, both in the workplace where we’re able to take on harder challenges and behave and respond in appropriate ways, but in my own personal life. I have a new level of awareness and purpose that I don’t think I had before I met Denise.

—Debra Martucci
, former CIO and VP of Information Technology, Synopsys

The leadership program takes you just enough out of your comfort zone so that you have significant “aha moments” and then challenges you to create a path forward that is both inspirational and life-changing.

—Maura McGinnity
, Development Director, External Relations, Office of the Dean of Research, Stanford University

Denise has a rare gift for bringing together people and processes in a way that changes lives. Not only are her programs powerful, but the people she attracts are the type you hope will be in your life forever.

—Renee Dineen
, Director, Genentech

This training [The Influence Roadmap] is of very high value and can significantly improve the quality of AC day-to-day work in the field. Highly recommended!

—Dmitry Radchenko
, Applications Consultant, Synopsys, Moscow

The leadership group provided me a pathway towards the next level of my leadership in my life and life’s work. With Denise’s intuitive guidance and her coaching expertise, I was able to move my work forward in a very short time frame. Most importantly, I realize that the leadership passage for me is one of my life’s passions.

—Lisha Driscoll
, VP in private wealth management technology, San Francisco

The discipline of the regular group meetings plus my mastermind partner kept me focused. I wouldn’t have reached my goals without this.

—Diana Finucane
, HR Senior Director, Lam Research

Simple, but incisive skills to influence in any professional situation!

—Anil Singhal
, Applications Consultant, Synopsys, India

This [The Influence Roadmap] is an excellent training program to hone your influence skills -- even for those who believe they already know a lot about the topic. I could apply the learning from this program immediately to a real project situation.

— Program Participant
, May 2015, Synopsys

LeaderXpress programs have a certain interactive quality that makes them much different and better than other programs. I felt like the goals are clear and we got down to business. Be prepared to ask yourself some difficult questions and to be challenged. Expect to feel exhilarated both as you’re going through the program and on your way out.

—Kimberly Kupiecki
, Dow Water and Process Communications Leader, Dow Chemical

I got a chance to fulfill my vision, written in your leadership forum, and I am now exactly where I saw myself. In all honesty, it was your leadership forum and coaching that got me into gear, allowed me to seek and take ownership of my future, and take actions as needed. Thanks.

—Pat Wadors
, SVP Global Talent, LinkedIn

The leadership program has helped me tremendously in my job. I came into the program as a new manager and it gave me so many tools. Most importantly, it opened my eyes to my responsibilities and role as a manager and caused me to approach it in a much more strategic manner. I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to participate in the program. It was a fabulous experience.

—Nicole Morin
, Senior Consultant, QOS, Kaiser Permanente

This program [The Influence Roadmap] gives concrete tools for sales professionals for influencing and communicating with customers and in all kinds of situations, especially the tough ones!

—Antti Innamaa
, Applications Consultant, Synopsys, Espoo, Finland

Excellent content, very well organized, engaging and inspiring. Embrace this online course: you and your team members will greatly benefit from it.

—Stephan Debray
, Informatica

There is a distinct quality and uniqueness to the programs Denise offers. I wanted to go into the leadership program to be a better manager, but with the program and the added coaching, came out a better leader not only in an organizational role, but my own life. And how many programs do you know of out there that will really have such an impact on your life?

—Jodi Fraser
, Executive Recruiter, San Francisco

Simply the best leadership program I have ever attended.

—Ken Nelsen
, Vice President, Global Technical Services (GTS), Synopsys

The program provided a uniquely crafted method for matching up big picture goals with practical means to achieve them. In only one day Denise masterfully led our group to quickly form a powerful, mutual support network in identifying true values and desires that are near and dear to us but may have been lost over time. I came out renewed, and thrilled to have a user friendly program where I am reaping the benefits now and for many years to come!

—Anne Gilsten
, Human Resources Professional, New York City

In my long career in the electronics industry, Denise has been the most outstanding example of the consummate leadership coach and consultant that I have had the privilege to work with! We have used Denise to teach leadership seminars and provide personal coaching to our top contributors for many years and have reaped the tremendous benefits of her education and experience. As well, her seminars and personal coaching have allowed me to reach new leadership heights in my own career. Unlike other leadership consultants and coaches that just quote theories from books, Denise not only knows and can quote this theory, but she has real world practice in applying it in a vast number of situations.

—Marty Michael
, Senior Director, GTS, Synopsys