Leadership Development

Are your leaders having the impact you need them to have?

Because leaders who are more engaged, more self-aware, and more strategic are more effective, it’s crucial to provide development opportunities to both rising and established leaders. We work with leaders in the areas of leadership presence, leadership style and impact, influence skills, strategy and power, intentional communication, as well as talent and performance management, through our programs, assessments, and a variety of customized options.

Leader Assessment

Leader Assessment

Every leader can benefit from quality input from those you work closely with. The Leader Assessment process includes a 360-degree inventory and two personality profile assessments and the high-yield, objective feedback of an outside executive coach.

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StrengthsFinder® Workshops

StrengthsFinder® Workshops

The Clifton StrengthsFinder® is a powerful assessment administered by Gallup that guides individuals to recognize, understand, and build on their strengths. LeaderXpress StrengthsFinder® workshops give individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations the practical tools to maximize their strengths in order to exceed expectations for productivity and success.

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Leadership On The Go


As a time-crunched people manager you can easily stay up on the latest management techniques with this series. In 45 minutes a month in a lively interactive webinar format you get the skills that you can apply right away to tough everyday management challenges.

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Leadership Mastermind

Leadership Mastermind Circle

A rare opportunity for leaders. Join a small, select, on-going group of peer leaders at your level and get high-value results and actionable strategies with every session. Groups are run for those at the executive level and separately for those at mid-level.

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